VolQuest - Impact Analysis: Chandavian Airways adds premium passer to class

VolQuest – Impact Analysis: Chandavian Airways adds premium passer to class

Josh Heupel and Tennessee Vols score another enlistment win on Sunday, earning a commitment to stellar pass Chandavian Bradley Platte County, Missouri. It’s the fourth overall commitment for the Class of 2023 during the week, the fifth overall commitment during the period and the sixth total for volunteers in the month of July.

Bradley chose Tennessee over Texas A&M and South Carolina — bringing the total number of commitments to the program to 17 in the current situation. Competitors link the defensive playmaker as the number 32 on the course, which means he’s now the second-best potential Volleys player in his class – behind quarterback Nico Yamaleva Which sits in eighth place. Tennessee State is now competing for three of the top 100 potential teams in the class with Bradley, Yamaleva and Sylvester Smith.

The 6-foot-6, 215-pounder is considered the best in Missouri and the fourth best defensive point in the class. Bradley, who became the Vols’ 10th defensive tackle, has a Rivals Rating of 6.0 and is associated with his four-star teammates. Caleb herring Like the expected LEO in the committed category.

Here’s a step-by-step look at the commitment to what Bradley means to Tennessee.

Scout Report

“Chandavian is a physically gifted kid who has a lot of growth ahead of him, both in terms of physical development and growth at his game. He is an excellent and upright young man. I am very proud to have him on my programme.

He is just a talented athlete. His rush of passes is natural – he’s very elegant when he rushes into the pass. It runs very smooth and is very smooth. I would describe it as fluid in the sense that if it wants to be unblocked, it has the potential to be very slimy. He plays with a good engine and there are a lot of times where the big plays he does is when people run away from him. We see things in the starting coverage where he’s running around on the field and he’s able to do those plays.

I think his given ability and drive are probably his two best traits at the moment.”

– Bill Otz, chief football coach of Platte County


How does Bradley fit in with flights?

Bill Otz, the Platt County coach, isn’t lying – Bradley’s best traits are definitely his drive and given ability. These two things allow him to have absolute control over the middle school level in Missouri.

Far from the edge, the new Tennessee pledge can do just about anything it asks for. He’s more comfortable in a two-point stance that lunges into the middle, but he puts his hand in the dirt more often – taking offensive tackles while getting into the background. Bradley can also line up out of the box over the hatch receiver and cover well.

At 6 feet 6 and 215 pounds, the New Volunteer Commitment can be used in many different ways.

His engine is always on, which allows him to keep track of the plays that have come out of it (which are many). In explosive plays, Bradley takes good corners and chases down potential landings. His speed is level two, and he comes off the edge with little resistance from offensive tackles or tight ends. He also has great speed overcoming blocks, blasting plays on the line of melee or at the point of the grid.

Another feature of Bradley’s game is his instincts. The pass player is very active with his hands while handling the blockers – but more importantly – he gets used to having them get up to block the pass. His vertical jump is impressive (a basketball player too) and a real threat to the quarterback in a throwing move.

Bradley is an all-around player and one who doesn’t run the field in kick-off units and matches. He puts maximum effort on field goals and PAT blocks and is disciplined in the game of options, staying either centered, diving or fielding – whatever his mission.

A true LEO in every sense of the word, Bradley will need to build up a few pounds to cement his place in playing the Southeastern Conference. He has plenty of room to do so, with a 6-foot-6 frame. Today’s Tennessee commitment can turn into a seasoned elite of the next level and it won’t take long for him to start making an impact when he hits campus.

What does the Bradley commitment mean for tennis?

It also boosts Josh Hubbell and the staff who are hiring on a level to win the SEC. Not every prospect sought by employees will end up giving orange and white, but Bradley’s pledge is another example of an early priority to jump in the boat before the fall season.

There’s a long way to go before signing day, and Bradley can now begin his role as a recruiter to help add to this category. The passer still hasn’t officially visited Tennessee, although that might go a long way toward one of those fall football weekends, even if he returns at the end of the month for the open week.

Looking ahead, Foles will likely say goodbye to red-shirted Byron Young at the LEO post after the 2022 campaign. Roman Harrison is also a senior, though he has a COVID year of eligibility as well, if something should be used. The Falls have real new players James Pearce and Joshua Josephs who are just starting out on the brink while new teammates Elijah Hering and Caleb Perry can play the center if needed.

Bradley has now joined Herring as two priority targets in the position they have committed. Rico Walker It’s another rush-pass target pursued by Vols members, and there’s been some fanfare that a call between Volunteers and North Carolina could be made soon. If not, expect the race to head toward fall.

Tennessee is also in control of the commitment to the four-star linebacker Galen Smith Today and a four-star offensive tackle Lucas Simmons tomorrow.

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