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Quarterback Matthew Stafford’s elbow problem continues to make things very uncomfortable at the Rams’ training camp, even as coach Sean McVeigh tries to fill him up halfway by talking about the situation..

On Wednesday, McVeigh made it clear at the start of a press conference that Stafford would not be involved in team training, for the time being.

“This is part of the plan that we feel is in his best interest,” McVeigh said. “So it’s a great opportunity for John Wolford and Bryce [Perkins] To be able to have a lot more reps than they would otherwise. Matthew will remain involved and that’s the plan we think is the best right now.”

McVeigh refused to call it a setback. But how could it be anything but a setback for the starting quarterback to the defending Super Bowl champion not participating in the team’s training camp?

“He agrees with what’s going on,” McVeigh said. “It’s more than that, when you really look at its entirety, you want to try to make it work with as little pain as possible. I think any time you’ve played for that long and been tough as it is, I don’t know if you’re really pain-free but the goal would be in September 8 and I’m really looking forward to 17 games and then hopefully a few games after that. That if we get that chance. That’s kind of a perspective and a big picture approach that we want to be able to take. I don’t know I would feel comfortable taking that approach if it wasn’t for the experience that he has accumulated and knowing how intent he is in keeping up with his mental and physical work he can do in absence some things in team settings.”

How concerned is McVeigh that this problem will persist into the regular season?

“you may [have that concern]McVeigh said. “I think that’s one of those things we talk about where, ‘Hey, all we can do is what we can control. “We feel this is kind of the best approach to take. Is there a chance that that conversation will happen? Safe. But based on the medical experts and the plan in talking to Matthew, that’s what we think is best. I’m hopeful that will give us the best chance of him feeling as good as possible.” Are you going to say, “Hey, you’d love him not to have any problems and to be here playing and getting all those actors.” Of course. But that’s the thing we think is the best. This is one of those deals where you take your own advice where, “Hey, let’s be here. Right now we’re taking it day in and day out,” and I think we’re getting better as a team today and we’re getting some encouraging things. I guess you want to be careful to say, ‘Okay, it’s only been a few days,’ but I think our ability to really give it a week, or two, is where you give it enough time to really see… We implemented it to get the results, which we’re looking for.” I think everyone feels good about that and that’s the plan we’re going to do for the next two weeks.”

McVeigh said he “didn’t think” there was a scenario in which Stafford skipped all of the team’s activity until the week of pre-season against the Bills could begin.

“What we’ve really said now is we’re going to really take it through the next two weeks, really until we leave here because we’ve got this block of four days, and then another three days before you end up going back to [Cal Lutheran]McVeigh said. “So we’ve kind of taken the approach that we’ll reassess once we get there before that first game before the start of the season, then see where we are there and I’ll update you accordingly.”

Stafford would clearly prefer that not be the case.

He wants to be there and do it all, but that’s where you have to say, ‘Okay, let’s really take a step back,’ said McVeigh. What do we think is the best way to follow our own advice and be as healthy as possible and ready to go on September 8th? “That was really what I thought would be the best as a competitor. He’ll always want to keep being here, with his teammates. But he’s so deliberate in his approach that you feel good about it. That’s the kind of situation we’re in, so we’re going to deal with it in the best possible way.” .

minimum? Stafford’s elbow – which has prevented him from throwing at all in the off-season – remains a problem. For now, they’re trying to find a way to get him ready to go without making it worse. It remains to be seen whether this approach will get it ready properly, and whether the limited workload will avoid making matters worse.

Either way, it’s definitely something to keep an eye on for rams. Crossing the road back to the Super Bowl becomes much more difficult if Stafford can’t throw the way he wants, or if he eventually can’t play at all.

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