AJ Brown joyfully refutes Hurts' negative report

AJ Brown joyfully refutes Hurts’ negative report

The Eagles fans are fanned by the 2022 squad with a training camp just a few weeks away, but the big question mark still hangs over Galen Hurts.

Is QB the future? Is he good enough to lead this team into a playoff? How good is it, actually? we do not know!

It’s going to be a big year for QB’s third year, and any information on how the organization feels about Hurts as QB1 is worth paying attention to.

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So when longtime Eagles reporter and in-house officer Derek Jean dropped some coins on the JAKIB Media podcast recently, fans took notice. This is what Gunn said:

“When I asked a few people in late May about where Jalen Hurts was in his lead, one of them said, ‘Let me give you a scenario of what he went through one day in practice. It was a 10-play scenario. He had three picks, four Incomplete, and three sacks. This was a series of 10 toys.”

She continued with, ‘So what are you thinking? And the straight answer was, “He’s got ways to go.” And that’s not very encouraging when you hear all this off-season news, “He’s worked with this mentor in the middle, he’s working on mechanics, he’s got a second year in Nick Sirianni’s rules of play.”


“The organization is not very comfortable now with Galen Hurts. Right now, there’s a lot of time between now and the training camp and the regular season. But so far, the results have been inconvenient for this guy.”

Hmmm. Not great!

Gunn’s not one to simply throw something like that without doing his homework, so I tend to think this stuff is real and real he was getting from the team back in May. Are things better now in July? Can! Maybe not!

But Hurts’ best friend and new wide receiver option AJ Brown seem to have heard of Gunn’s Monday report, and he was never happy with the perceived hatred.

So Brown took to Twitter to release two disturbing, hilarious tweets revealing the hype.

His first tweet was some regular “defend your man”, paired with the phrase “water is above us” which pretty much missed out on:

Then we get the second tweet in which Brown looks good, jokes about Donovan McNab-Terrell Owens era beef, and also makes a Vince Papale joke:

What an effective tweet. Lots of silliness with so few characters. This is plenty of good Philly references. I had to check three times to make sure it was real.

Tackle the Eagles Right, Lynne Johnson joined the fight to express his support:

In general, what do we have here? His Hurts teammates cling to him in the face of some perfectly fair questions about his level of talent as an NFL quarterback.

He showed us that he can be a useful start to the league. He led the Eagles to the supplement berth in his first full season as a rookie. this is good! Not every QB can do this.

But is he the man? We still don’t know. And while Brown is fully justified in getting frustrated with these kinds of questions, reporters and fans are fully justified in asking them. It’s just the nature of the game: Until Hurts really shows us elite stuff, we can wonder if he’ll be able to do it.

One thing is for sure: Both on and off the field, AJ Brown is entertaining as hell. I’m so glad he’s an eagle.

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