SoonerScoop - Adebawore: "Why wait?"

SoonerScoop – Adebawore: “Why wait?”

The Oklahoma class of 2023 has been building up rapidly over the past few weeks, with contestants landing nearly half of their class in the past two weeks. And on Sunday they added their highest-ranked defensive commitment to date in the form of North Kansas City, MO. Competitors 250 defensive end Adepoju Adebawore (Ad-uh-BAR-ay).

For the 116th player nationwide, and No. 8 on the weak defensive side, the decision to pick Oklahoma appears to have been the most likely possibility since his first visit to Norman on March 25.

“After my first casual visit in March, I wouldn’t have said I knew, but it was definitely the school I tended to the most,” Adebauer said. “It wasn’t like ‘I’m definitely going here’ but after that official visit, I really made the deal with my parents that we were able to come with me this time – being able to see it all.

“I just had to make sure to take the time and think about it and dig into it before I made it official but I still knew that.”

8th place in Missouri, and 2nd state product the Sooners pledges this weekend – Next Cayden Green On Friday – he says that while he was aware of Oklahoma’s visit policy with commitments to him, it was always just a question, “Why wait?”

It is a sentiment echoed by his future coach, Miguel Chaves.

“With[Chaves]he already knew I really wanted to go,” he recalls. “He was trying to figure out ‘If you already know, what’s stopping you?'” “.

For Adebawore, who has also made official visits to Northwestern and Missouri, if it weren’t for the returnees, not only would his decision have been more difficult, but he would have come later in the year.

“A whole lot of things (I went into my selection), a lot of different things that fit in with what I’m up to, and what my family is about. I remember going through this process and before I had any visits there I remember thinking ‘This is going to be a tough decision, it’s going to be a lot of This is really difficult.”

“If I hadn’t been to Oklahoma, I would probably have made more visits.”

Although this is not exactly what Brent VenablesA committed player with a policy of official visits is not intended to create a single school that he admits he would like to see. But in the end, Adepower’s visit was empty in Adepower’s eyes.

He explained, “I’ve never been to LSU, but one of those things I asked was enough questions. I know he wouldn’t change my decision because of the questions I asked.”

“I mean, I knew an official (LSU) would be fine, if I went there it would be fine, but I know in my heart where I want to be.”

The Edge defender says his decision really came to Missouri, Northwestern and LSU along with the Sooners. Even the USC has had some interest in Adebawore but says the Trojans were “on the other side of the planet, and that plays a role”.

Adebawore is ready to commit himself in the rearview mirror and see his phone ring a bit but he knows this won’t handle all of his recruiting conversations. And to some extent, it embraces this reality.

“Overall, I’m definitely done. I mean if the other coaches wanted to talk to me, I wouldn’t say ‘No, leave me alone.’ Let’s say the coaching staff in Oklahoma has changed or Coach Chavis or Coach Venables has left I want to make sure I have something to come back to. ‘ said Adepower.

“(But), I’ll keep telling them I’m committed.”

And while Adebawore is willing to be a committed player, he wouldn’t be the type to chase many recruits about joining him. There’s one he just knows and has already started working on it.

Sure, I’ve already started on it, not necessarily making it public but texting (hele) personally. Speaking of adding it, I’m not a huge social media guy, you have to build your brand and do all this. I created Instagram this year because I hear you want to build your brand and do all of these things.

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