NFL Appeals Deshaun Watson's Suspension

NFL Appeals Deshaun Watson’s Suspension

The NFL is officially appealing to announce it recently Deshaun Watson Commentary, Tom Pellisero of tweet. The league had until 8 a.m. GMT Thursday to file an appeal.

Disciplinary officer Sue Robinson suspended the Browns quarterback for six games, a number that came in well below what the NFL had hoped. Weeks ago,’s Mary Kay Capote reported that the NFL would not sit idly by if six or eight games were banned. This long-rumored measure would put the union to the test. The NFLPA said it would not appeal Robinson’s initial decision, but now that the NFL has begun its efforts, the ball is in the Federation’s court.

There is no middle ground in play here. Long linked with seeking Watson’s full season suspension, the NFL will push back for it on appeal,’s Aaron Wilson tweet. The league will pay to see Watson suspended indefinitely, according to The Ringer’s Lindsay Jones (dated Twitter). It was no secret that the NFL wanted Watson off the field in 2022. The league argued for such a ban during a hearing in June.

The NFL wants Watson to be fined, too, according to’s Jeff Darlington (dated Twitter). No fine was included in Monday’s suspension. Brown arranged Watson’s contract so he could make a league minimum in 2022, thus reducing the fine when the suspension occurs. As for the Browns, they had no comment on the appeal, Capote tweet.

The NFLPA has two days to respond to the move. with Roger Goodell Or appointing Goodell to oversee the appeal – the setup the league and union agreed upon when the two reached the current CBA in March 2020 – does not appear that the federation has much hope of keeping that suspension in six games. A move to move this matter to the courts arose during Robinson’s deliberations. While Tom Brady And the Ezekiel Elliot They ended up serving their suspension despite lengthy legal epics, it would be surprising if the union was suspended if this appeal increased Watson’s sentence. Capote writes that the NFL will likely take the NFL to court.

The cover story for this off-season doubled as the independent referee’s first use of a personal conduct policy violation. While the NFL risks further harming its relationship with the NFLPA by moving to change Robinson’s decision, this is the policy that the federation approved – albeit by a narrow vote – when the CBA was ratified. Unless the union achieves a surprise victory in court, Goodell’s decision will still apply. An injunction could open the door for Watson to play to start the season, as did Brady and Elliott while the courts handled their suspension, but the NFL held out in those cases.

This news will certainly affect Brown’s prospects for a successful 2022 season. The team faced waves of criticism for agreeing to a fully guaranteed $230 million contract — a move that convinced Watson to choose Cleveland over the NFC South suitor — after 22 women sued the Pro Bowl player for alleging sexual assault and/or sexual misconduct during sessions Massage therapy. Two other women sued after Watson joined the Browns, who were not expecting a full season suspension when they felt the Texans were a three-choice commercial package and a first-round change. Monday, then, represents a positive development for the team. Wednesday news no.

Despite the statement of the owner of Brown Jimmy Islam He said that Watson was feeling remorse, he said during a television appearance that Watson still insisted he had done nothing wrong (Twitter link via Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk). Watson maintained this position throughout the vacation. Two grand juries did not indict the embattled QB, and the NFLPA argued that no comment was necessary. But Robinson’s report noted sexual assault and misconduct on the part of Watson.

In her report, Robinson concluded that Watson committed sexual assault and described the 26-year-old’s pattern of nonviolent sexual behavior as “more egregious than any behavior previously reviewed by the NFL.” A sexual assault deemed nonviolent helped induce Robinson to settle into six games, but the language she used when describing her conclusion opened the door for the league to move on. Watson was no longer allowed to undergo non-team-approved massages for the rest of his career. The NFL is also seeking a 6-year veteran to undergo treatment, The Washington Post’s Mark Muske tweet.

brown they have Jacobi Brisset In place to start while Watson hangs. Jimmy Garoppolo The rumors were effectively shut down, but it’s clear that a move from Watson to Brissett would be a crushing blow to the Browns who appear to be in a position to deal with the former running the show. The team that has been trading for four years is a beginner Baker Mayfield To the Panthers in early July, Joshua Dobbs I fell recently Josh Rosen In his place behind Brissett.

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