Giants' latest system brings "be pro" attitude to first training camp

Giants’ latest system brings “be pro” attitude to first training camp

There is a saying going on in the building. It’s the front office message to the Giants and the coaching staff hopes it will strike the players. It is brief – only three words – and conveys a unique request.

“Be loyal.”

General Manager Joe Shuen told The Post, “Who was a pro all summer when they were away from the building?”

It will be easy to find out who was a pro during the football break that officially ends on Tuesday, when all the veterans report starting training camp, and join the rookies, who arrived a week ago. A player who is fit and ready to compete will have lived up to the ‘Be a Professional’ mandate.

Once camp opens, with first practice Wednesday morning, ‘Be A Professional’ will be all about taking on the many responsibilities put in place by the new coaching staff, under head coach Brian Dabol. Taking care of the body, taking care of the work in the conference room, taking care of hydration and eating with a feeling of nourishment. Making mistakes one day in the field and turning them into production the next. We pride ourselves on our on-time commitment all the time.

Joe Schoen, left, and Brian Dabol
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For all the Giants, a lot of this is new, again, and lack of continuity is no way to run an NFL team. Daboll is the fourth different coach to open a camp for the Giants last summer. Given that each coach has their own vision of what they want their camp to look like, there will be another series of tweaks for returning players from the Joe Judge roster and a whole new experience for those signed to a free agency or selected in the draft. last spring.

“Yes, I think that’s unfortunately the nature of our business,” Daboll said. “There’s usually a lot of change every year, a lot of different roles. I’m sure the players who’ve been in this league for some time have multiple coaches and different coordinators. You’d love to be the same coordinator or the same coach for a guy for seven or eight years. Unfortunately This is not the world we live in.

This hasn’t been the world of giants since Tom Coughlin’s 12-year run ended in 2016. Daboll inherits…what? What is the most accurate description of the giants of 2022? rebuild? renovated? moving in? start again?

It’s certainly not “up and coming” or “on the rise,” judging by the very low expectations set by the majority of those engaged in anticipating the success or failure of the NFL. That’s certainly fair, based on the 2021 season – a record 4-13, with six straight losses to close things out.

Joe Shuen, a first-year general manager hired away from the highly successful billing system, received a salary cap mess and did what he could to boost the roster. He inherited two of his coveted first-round draw slots (#5 and 7) and used them to strengthen the passing dash (Kayvon Thibodeaux) and offensive line (Evan Neal). If these two award nominees are immediately ready for prime time, the Giants might do a little better than the harsh speculation. Most beginners need time to acclimatize, and growing pains are usually inevitable.

This will be a big summer for many of the rest. Saquon Barkley, who has finally come out of a healthy season spent in activation, rather than rehab, wants to show once again that he deserves to be included in the small circle of his NFL running appearances. Daniel Jones missed his last six games last season with a neck problem and, like Barkley, is in the final year of his contract. Jones has always been a hard worker, but he admits he had to—and will continue to have—hit the books as fast as possible to learn another new crime.

“There’s definitely more study and there’s more kind of work on the rules of the game rather than just basic throwing and things like that,” Jones said.

Well-traveled 47-year-old Daboll is making his eighth different stop in the NFL, and this is his first ever practice gig, at any level. His schedule will put the team on the field most days from 10 a.m. to noon. He will speak to the media every day, and he is a much more public face than he has shown as a coach or coordinator. During the spring, Daboll showed a light touch around his players. We’ll see what summer comes.

“Come in here and try to do the best thing I can do for men, be myself, tell them as it is, be honest, and tell them to do things right,” Daboll said. “But I also think we have some really good people who want to do things right. I tell them all the time, ‘It’s your team.’ They have to be accountable to each other. We’ll give them instructions, we’ll teach them the basics, we’ll try to come up with plans that work best for them. But At the end of the day, they have to grab that thing and take it where they want to go.

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