Here are Pokemon Scarlett and Violet's snippets (so far)

Here are Pokemon Scarlett and Violet’s snippets (so far)

A Pokemon trainer rides a Corydon in Pokemon Scarlett.

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Volpix or Grolith? Zangoos or sephibs? Since Arceus made the world in his image, Pokemon Fans had to deal with a huge choice: which version to get. This predicament will remain in place for the latest games, scarlet pokemon And the purple.

Each generation of Nintendo’s monster-hunting RPG divides the Pokémon list, with a handful of them appearing in one game while still being absent from their counterpart (and vice versa). This strategy makes some sense, if cynical. Pokemon Games have always been launched as a pair. Having some Pokémon available in one version but not in the other will likely stimulate additional sales. (Nintendo Sales figures reports for Pokemon Toys grouped together.) Or, less pessimistically, it forces players to actually engage with each other and trade.

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scarlet pokemon And the purple no different. We already know the legendary Pokémon, which are motorcycle-inspired dragons Croydon and Meridonwas exclusive to Scarlett And the purple Straight. But in the wake of a huge news dump this week, the list is slowly starting to clear up. Here is the exclusive Pokemon version known so farWe’ll continue to update the list as more information becomes available in the lead up to the game’s November 18 release on Switch.

scarlet pokemon exclusives

  • larvaeIt is a terrestrial rock-type lizard creature that first appeared in pokemon gold And the silver.
  • Desk, development of the second phase of Larvitar. It floats for a reason. Although Pupitar hasn’t been officially confirmed, we’re listing it since it evolved from a confirmed Pokémon.. (Although one caveat: In Pokemon Sword And the shieldSlowpoke, who has been a part of the series for days red And the bluecan not evolve Unless you pick up expansions.)
  • tyrant, the final stage of the Larvitar evolution series. In contrast to the previous two developments, Tyrannitar drops affiliation from the terrestrial type and is of the dark rocky type.
  • stonejournerrock type Pokemon Sword And the shield Which, I think, is supposed to be a play on the famous Stonehenge in England.
  • gyradonAnd the ScarlettLegendary pokemon and cover model.

Pokemon Purple exclusives

  • PajeonDragon-type Pokémon first appeared in Pokemon
  • shilgon, the second stage of Bagon’s evolution. The same reasoning that applies to the Larvitar Evolution series applies to Bagon as well.
  • Hello, a dragonfly-type Pokémon and the final stage of the Pajeon Evolution series. Some people (guilty of the charges against them) are convinced that Salamis is the coolest Pokemon of all time ever.
  • esquiwhich is an ice-type Pokemon penguin with a giant ice cube in the face.
  • MeridonAnd the purpleLegendary pokemon and cover model.

scarlet pokemon And the purple They are set to reimagine other, long-running aspects of the series. It is located in an area called Baldia. Inspired by the IRL Iberian PeninsulaThese games are fully unlocked for the first time in the series’ history. There is a co-op of four players. Gyms are backwith one leader in particular Leaving many fans sexually confused. And instead of ridiculously controversial features like “Mega Evolution,” some Pokémon are capable of something called — that’s a very real word, by the way — “terastallizing,” which means they They cover themselves with crystals Its type can be changed on the go.

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