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Sony’s new portable speakers are waterproof and better with calls | Engadget

As it does every year around this time, Sony has introduced new inputs into its wireless speaker lineup. The company introduced three new models today, all designed for outdoor use thanks to both their portable size and proper protection from dust and moisture (IP67). The trio is also part of Sony’s X-series, which features “X-Balanced” non-circular woofers for more sound compression and less distortion.

First, the biggest option in the group is the SRS-XG300. The combination of a tapered barrel shape and retractable handle gives this speaker a boombox-like design in a much smaller package. To give you multiple audio options, the XG300 packs Mega Bass that enhances low latency, ClearAudio+ for “more balanced sound” and Live Sound Mode that simulates the effect of being in a place. In addition, Sony’s Music Center app gives you the ability to adjust the EQ as you see fit and the option to connect multiple speakers to Party Connect or Stereo Pair modes

Inside, two X-Balanced tweeters, two subwoofers, and two passive radiators handle the sound while the company’s customizable light rings shine on both ends. Sony says the XG300 will last up to 25 hours on a charge and you can get up to 70 minutes of use after a 10-minute plug. The company has also included Echo Noise Cancelling for more natural voice calls if you need the speakerphone for this. This technology allows two people to talk at the same time without interrupting each other. The XG300 will be available on July 15 in gray and black color options for $350.

Sony SRS-XE300


Next up is the SRS-XE300. Sony opted for a pentagon shape for this mid-size model, or as the company describes it, an ergonomic “user-friendly” design. The XE300 is equipped with what Sony calls a line diffuser that gives the speaker a wider listening area for X-Balanced drivers by blasting sound more evenly. Sony’s Party Connect and Stereo Pair features let you synchronize multiple speakers for more sound, and on-board controls include a microphone mute button for calls. Echo noise cancellation is also available. In addition to the IP67 dust and water rating, this speaker is also shockproof, which later adds another protection against drops. This speaker gives you up to 24 hours of battery life when charged and plugged in for 10 minutes will give you 70 minutes of listening time. The XG300 will be available on July 15 in gray, black and blue color options for $200.

Finally, the most compact option among the three is the SRS-XE200. It’s smaller than the XE300, but has the same overall look and design. The only aesthetic difference is that the XE200 has an attached carrying strap. Like the XE300, this model packs a line-up diffuser for a larger listening area, and it’s also shock-resistant in addition to its IP67 protection. You can connect multiple speakers via the company’s Party Connect and Stereo Pair settings. Sony says you can expect up to 16 hours of listening, and again, a 10-minute charge provides 70 minutes of use. For calls, Echo Noise Cancelling is also available here, as is the handy mute button among the other on-board controls. The XG300 will be available on July 15 in gray, black, blue and orange color options for $130.

All three speakers are available for pre-order now from Sony.

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