Houston beat the Sailors, losing 3-1

Houston beat the Sailors, losing 3-1

The 14-game winning streak and its accompanying hopper are definitely in the rearview mirror now. It invites cliched thinking about good things and endings. But did you know? The opposite of this cliched also holds. Everything bad must have an end. Ask Red Sox, White Sox, cubs, or members of the royal family. Even after an unfortunate start to the second half, the Mariners still had a 1.5-game advantage over the Guardians in the Wild Card race. Seattle is just getting started on a tough 20-game stretch, where they just need to catch the serve to stay in the deciding picture. Losing two games to the Astros doesn’t change that. However, it still hurts to capitalize on a historic weekend winning streak of selling (ish) crowds and then get showered by what might be the best team in baseball.

In this way, this game reminded me of Mac Robinson. If you’re not familiar with Mac Robinson, he was an Olympic sprinter. At the 1936 Berlin Games, he ran the 200 meters in 21.1 seconds, breaking the Olympic record of Eddie Tolan. But she was good enough for a silver because in the next track was Jesse Owens. That would make anyone feel overwhelmed, but Robinson wasn’t even the best athlete in his family since his younger brother’s number is now hanging on every court in MLB.

The sailors are having a great season, returning from the dead and renewing the baseball spirit in Seattle. But they still play to the same degree as those damned Astros.

It was especially brutal considering that Logan Gilbert delivered one of the best performances of his young career. He started the game dripping at 95 mph in the outside corner, but didn’t get the call. He returned to the inner corner due to a foul ball. At 2-1, Gilbert threw two perfect finger joints to take the swing shots off the man with the 16th best swing hit rate among active players.

You’d think the Altuve of all people would have an easier time with the ground so close to the ground.

Not satisfied with Altuve’s dismissal, he let Gilbert Walter out, and get the next two hitters—more than two worthy opponents, Jeremy Peña and Yordan Alvarez—to hit the swing as well. Unsatisfied Gilbert returned to the second half and immediately got Alex Bregman 0-2 on a fastball and a curve. After failing to keep him off the slider, Gilbert froze Bergman with a fastball on the Lions in his fourth in four strokes.

This was Gilbert’s full ball game, mixing his pitches but relying mostly on fast ball and swerving to make the Astros’ way. He’s got five scents with a curve today, while throwing them 25 times, which I’m pretty sure was a career high. Houston’s lineup includes three of the top 20 active hitters by strike rate and also the best hitter in baseball, and Gilbert has earned five hits from these players. His last streak looks like a win: 6 IP, 2 R, 5 H, 8 K, 1 BB with 18 whiffs and another 8 called hits on only 89 grounds.

Even the two innings came via some luck in the sequence, as a walk and two hits were combined in the same inning, one scored as a foul by Dylan Moore, and he played out of position for reasons that are better ignored. DMo quickly made up for it by taking Gilbert out of the game with a classic DMo highlight.

That might have been a pan flash, but if Gilbert turns the curve of his finger knuckle into a legitimate weapon to pair with his flame-blazing fastball, I think it’s game over for the rest of the league. Not to pre-empt myself, but this is James Paxton. It’s the easiest call yet to award Gilbert his second sun hat of the year for his performance today.

But in Robinsonian fashion, even though Gilbert won the Sun Hat, he was running down a lane from Justin Verlander. It was clear that the Mariners’ plan was to attack Verlander’s fast ball early in the count. It’s not a bad plan – that’s how they beat up four house bugs earlier this year. But Verlander was ready for them today, and he put his heater away from the area. The Mariners could not do without Giulio to save their lives. With everyone chasing the high heat, Verlander easily dropped the broken balls in the area, causing the sailors to freeze due to the stolen strikes.

Almost sailors approx He got it on the seventh. Starting alone at home, Carlos Santana worked his way up to fan-favorite status faster than any Mariner since Denard Span. Then Eugenio Suarez finally got the note and released four fast balls out of the area, walking at a 3-2 account. Adam Frazier moved him to third with a single, his second hit of the day, extending his streak of success to nine games. It is clear that interest in the primary runners is under Mr. But Verlander responded by turning the fast ball into an 11.

Cal Rally responded admirably, laying off two high speed balls that came in at 98 and 99 and fouling another three. When Verlander went to the same old Steck, trying to freeze Cal with a bend for a stolen hit in the bottom area, Cal spoiled it, even though it was about 20 mph slower with 50 inches of vertical breakage. But after he changed Cale’s eye level, Verlander had him chase a high speed ball into the eighth court. It ended up with a knockout, but for me, that was the most impressive kick of the match. If Cale had been able to see Verlander again, he swore he would have stopped one 450 feet away. Yes, I am once again living the Cal Raleigh strike as a positive. no @me.

Now with two wins, Scott Service has gone to King Killer, Kyle Lewis, who has defeated Verlander twice. Lewis could have asked the universe to hit another home here, but he worked out the walk, and carried the rules for… Sam Haggerty, who broke my heart. You broke my heart.

This was it. Aside from another Astro run, taped on unruly ground, the last two runs went unnoticed (although Kate could fire me if I didn’t shout Ryan Borucki’s hit at Alvarez).

Simply put, Verlander and Astros came and drank Gilbert and the Mariners’ milk. Dropping two at the Astros doesn’t really change things. But sometimes you are born into the same family as one of the most important athletes of all time, and sometimes you have to play in the same division as the Astros. May they win tomorrow and not waste the attention of the city; They sell a T-Mobile park, but the church can be full of members and still be free of transfers.

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