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Chicago Bears Bold Predictions: Bootcamp Edition

The Chicago Bears under General Manager Ryan Pauls and coach Matt Ebervloss have embraced the long view. They are content to let the stars of the present go for the benefit of the future. The Poles believe that building through the draft is the only way for this team to win trophies. Eberflus believes he has a style of training that fits this mindset. It’s not a bad thing. The only problem is that such a process takes time to see results.

Which is what makes the upcoming bootcamp later this month so much fun. Many answers await bears once they can finally put their pads on. It wouldn’t be surprising to think that some of these answers could lead to important menu decisions. Here are some bold predictions about what will happen over the next 30 to 45 days.

Chicago Bears have a lot of potential surprises waiting for you.

Braxton-Jones maintains his grip on the left-handed interference mission.

It’s not a new story. The Bears Attack Line is a work in progress. Multiple positions in the foreground remain unresolved. Arguably the most worrisome is the treatment of the left. Their best option to go off-season looked like Larry Borom, a career right out of college who plays a left-handed as a freshman. That changed when Team elevated Jones to the attacking first team during spring training. It seems crazy to think that it will stay that way. Rookies do not start in the fifth round of the left tackle unless something is wrong. In truth, the odds would rather stay that way because Jones has far more experience on the left side than anyone vying for the job.

Teven Jenkins is kicked inwards for the right keeper.

Right now, the previous second round is entering a fight for the right entry point with Borom. That makes sense considering he played his entire college career there. However, his continued demotion to a second-team offense raises concerns about how Chicago Bears coaches view him. They may not be affected by what it offers when intervening. Draft experts have raised concerns about his average height and foot speed. This is why moving to guard makes the most sense. These problems will not be so prominent inside, and he will be able to greatly use his strength and ugliness. It may not happen right away, but the transformation will come within the first two weeks.

Robert Quinn is trading before camp ends in August.

After skipping the mandatory OTAs and mini-camps, some are wondering if the 32-year-old Pro Bowler is planning to extend his boot camp position. Robert Quinn sees the writing on the wall. The Bears are rebuilding and there’s nowhere near the Super Bowl. With a few years left of his peak, he couldn’t bear to stay if he finally wanted to get this elusive ring. It is possible that he is urging the organization to trade it elsewhere. The Poles have not yet committed, but he listens to performances. Expect an unexpected injury to force another team to be strong for Quinn’s services before opening day in September.

Caleb Johnson criticizes the task of the strong back.

Matthew Adams is the favorite on paper to be the starting strongback. He knows Eberflos’ defense better than anyone, having played in it for years. However, his actual performance on the field was nothing special. This leaves the door open for someone else to take over the job. During pre-season, Johnson stood out a lot last year and became an instant force on special teams. He has the size of a strong linebacker coupled with good instincts. Given how competitive he is, it’s no exaggeration to think that he’ll outsmart Adams when the competition gets serious.

Ryan Bowles signs a prominent free agent to fill the starting role.

Don’t expect the Chicago Bears to sign any other free agents until camp begins. They seem satisfied with the list they put together. At least for now. Once the pads are turned on, they will start getting answers for what they have. Often in these situations, when the team is rebuilding, they quickly discover that some positions don’t have a realistic option on the list. Therefore, GM is looking for a proven free agent to help fill the void. Whether you’re an offensive lineman, a wide receiver, or a full-back, don’t be shocked when the Poles make a late addition to the team they end up at the start.

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